Brianna Warren C.E.O

"Hello, my name is Brianna Warren and in 2021 my life was forever changed. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by one of Urban Outfitters brand marketing agents and New York Fashion Week (NYFW) orchestrator. She has advertised for many huge companies. We did a year of intense training on proper media etiquette, branding all of who you are, creativity and much more. I have built many relationships in the Fashion and Marketing industries. I have been a part of NYFW and nominated for an award by one of the top Indie Fashion and Fashion critics, The Fashion Indie Calendar. They’re known to attend and cover high end fashion and indie fashion events. I have done shows for SBFW and presented my clothing in the room of celebrities. In addition, I now have celebrity clients, where I manage their social media pages and even style them. I have been featured in magazines and online platform Article’s. It’s time for us to partner! I’m ready to assist you in reaching your goal through consistency, creativity, sharing social media secrets and much more.” 


Divinity & Co. is a brand created by Brianna Warren that aims to meet every custom in fashion, branding and social media need. Started in February of 2020 this Brand became known for trending in the Fashion Industry. The collection consists of both a women’s and men’s clothing line. Divine means to be of created, or like God. We are all children of a Divine God, created uniquely. This powerful message is manifested through Divinity Fashion. This brands mission is to create fashion, creative ideas and bring innovation to brands and companies all around the world. We were all born to be different and stand out! Be-Youtiful! 


As a young girl, Brianna found inspiration from clothes she saw in her dreams, and she would try to recreate them using her mother’s clothing. At the age of 14, she started to experiment with techniques such as cutting, tying, and distressing the t-shirts of her friends and family. Her innovative approach to distressed clothing is reminiscent of fashion trailblazers such as Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid. The extreme detail and customization used for each garment is a reflection of how diverse humans are. Each piece is complex and dynamic, just like people.


 Brianna Warren want's everyone to know Divinity & Co. As a brand that exudes creativity to exemplify that no one was born to fit in or be the same! “I want people all over the world to see my Brand and know that we were created and made unique & we were all born to be DIFFERENT that’s why every project will be presented differntly. We were all born with our own purpose and our own path.